Payment Policy


What payment methods do Nano Earth accept?


1)For our retail store, just shop and pay by cash!


2)For our internet store, we accept payment by PayPal / Alipay / bank transfer (Hong Kong). The PayPal / Alipay / bank transfer details will appear at the sales order form and on the invoice email that we send to you.


Here’s a summary of procedure of payment:

Shop Via

Payment Method

How it works

Retail Store


Just Shop and Pay by Cash!

Internet Store

PayPal / Alipay / Bank Transfer (Hong Kong)

1.You download our sales order form
2.You place your order by completing the sales order form and email to us by
3.We email you an invoice with our bank details included
4.You transfer money into our PayPal / Alipay / bank account
5.We send you an email confirming the PayPal/Alipay/bank transfer
6.We deliver your package ASAP
7.You enjoy your new geocaching items!

 *You can always contact us using our contact page or by sending us an email at


Delivery Policy


What kind of shipping do Nano Earth use?

We normally use Hong Kong Post or local courier for delivery.


How much do Nano Earth charge for shipping?


Shipping Rate

Below $500


Over $500



Do Nano Earth ship to locations outside Hong Kong?

Yes. Our shipping quote system cannot calculate the appropriate shipping fee however for shipments outside Hong Kong. But as soon as we receive your order we will contact you by email to let you know the cost of shipping your order. If you're happy with our quote for shipping we'll gladly mail you your order.


What is trackable?


A Trackable bears a unique ID code and text noting that they are trackable at as it travels in the real world. You will often find them in geocaches or in geocaching gatherings. Some of these items have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles thanks to geocachers who move them from cache to cache!


There are three main types of Trackables: Travel Bug® Trackables, Geocoins and other Trackables.


Each Trackable has a goal set by its owner. Goals are typically travel-related, such as to visit every country in Europe or travel from coast to coast. Trackables move from cache to cache with the help of geocachers like you.


You are not required to do anything with the Trackable, but if you would like to interact with it, you have two options.


1)Move the Trackable-If you would like to move the Trackable to another cache, take it with you. When you take a Trackable from one cache and drop it into another, it is important to log the Trackable's movements.


2)"Discover" the Trackable-When you have seen a Trackable in person, but have not moved it, you can log that you have "discovered" it. To do so, you will need to write down the Trackable's Tracking Code (the unique series of letters and numbers etched on the item).


How to activate Travel Bugs, Geocoins and other Trackables?

Step 1 - Login to under the account that you want to own the trackables.

Step 2 - Retrieve the activation code for your trackable - sometimes trackables have the activation code printed on the packaging or elsewhere. And sometimes they don't. But that's ok, there is a sure-fire way of retriving the code for each trackable. To retrieve the the activation code for any trackable - visit the activation code retrieval page.Use the tracking code printed on your trackable to retrieve the activation code.


Step 3 - Register the trackable on While logged in to your account visit the Trackable Activation wizard.This process will step you through the activation of your trackable including the trackables description, goal (if any), activation location etc.


Step 4 - Place your trackable in a cache. and log that you have dropped it there with your find. A trackable may also just "visit" a cache - it is logged as being with you, but you retain possession of the trackable.


To show that a trackable has been dropped into a cache, or visited a cache, use the pull-down menus at the very bottom of your cache log to indicate the activity for each of your trackable items. You can log many trackables at the same time.

Here is a video produced by that briefs the steps of activating trackables.




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