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We are proud to be the FIRST Geocaching retailer and the FIRST Groundspeak Distributor in China, Hong Kong.


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About Geocaching


Geocaching is a worldwide outdoor treasure hunting game. Participants use a GPS or mobile device to hide and seek treasure, called “geocaches”, anywhere in the world. A geocache is usually some type of container which basically contains a log sheet and sometimes with swap items (swag) and trackables(more on them later!).


Finding a geocache requires steps as follows:


1) Visit www.geocaching.com or download the app of geocaching in your mobile device


2) Use your GPS or mobile device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache based on the listed coordinates.


3) Sign the logbook, swap some swag (if you want to), pick up or drop off any trackables and return the geocache to its original location.


4) Log your find on Geocaching.com


Here is a video produced by Geocaching.com that offers a great overview of the game.




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